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Burgundy Wine Bundles!

We are pleased to present an exclusive compilation of fourteen Burgundy wine packs curated by Acker and La Paulée. From exceptional Bourgogne Blanc and Rouge, to the best villages of the Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits, to the pinnacle of Burgundy - the Grands Crus - these meticulously selected packs offer a comprehensive taste of this hallowed wine region and are a fun and exciting way to bring La Paulée to your home.

La Paulée Burgundy Wine Packs

La Paulée 3 Bottle Pack: Beaune

Beaune, the unofficial capital of Burgundy wine, is not only home to the leading wine négociants of the region, but is also surrounded by numerous vineyards that offer tremendous diversity of wine styles. We have curated a selection of three of the most reputable sites situated in the Beaune appellation, capturing the intensity from the high-elevation Clos du Roi, to the velvety-textured and elegant Grèves.


- 2020 Domaine Tollot-Beaut Bourgogne Rouge - 2020 Domaine Denis Mortet Bourgogne Rouge “Cuvee de Noble Souche” - 2020 L. Jadot Pinot Noir Bourgogne

La Paulée 3 Bottle Pack: Bourgogne Rouge

The regional appellation of Bourgogne is a treasure; a great opportunity to explore and discover Burgundy. While the vineyards are scattered around the region with boundaries less strict than the 1er and Grands Crus, the wines of Bourgogne wines deliver steady and sound pleasure, especially in their youth. The three producers chosen here take as much pride and care with these "entry level" wines as they do with their more famous appellations.


La Paulée 3 Bottle Pack: Bourgogne Blanc​

La Paulée 3 Bottle Pack: Bourgogne Blanc

Representing the one-two punch of quality and exceptional value, the white wines of Bourgogne are well-loved and widely imitated. Dominated by the Chardonnay grape, known and beloved for its ability to conform to a winemaker’s stylistic preferences, the vinifying and aging techniques employed by the winemakers we’ve chosen below amplify the pleasure of this celebrated, aromatic Burgundian white wine. Concentrated and rich, these Bourgogne Blancs are from three of Burgundy's top winemakers and are a great introduction to the region.


La Paulée 3 Bottle Pack: Crisp White Burgundy​

La Paulée 3 Bottle Pack: Crisp White Burgundy

Thoughts of Chardonnay may widely conjure associations of buttery richness in wine, but that is not necessarily the rule with White Burgundy. Soil geology, vineyard placement, winemaking style, and aging techniques drive the end result of what we experience in the bottle, and the crisp, clean profile of these classic White Burgundies is exquisite. Fresh and friendly with so many cuisines, Chardonnay in the hands of the winemakers we’ve selected is a joy to experience.


La Paulée 3 Bottle Pack: Discoveries Red​

La Paulée 3 Bottle Pack: Red Discoveries

The fascination with Burgundy is often associated with the wines many only taste once in a lifetime, but the region is also host to many uncovered gems. Burgundy is also home to a vast collection of oft overlooked wines, which, when crafted by the top producers we’ve featured here, are the perfect opportunity to experience Burgundy from an insider’s point of view. The Red Discoveries pack contains two of the Côte d'Or’s northernmost and southernmost villages, Fixin and Santenay, as well as a lovely Passetoutgrain, Burgundy's unique blend of Pinot Noir and Gamay.


La Paulée 2 Bottle Pack: Discoveries White

La Paulée 2 Bottle Pack: White Discoveries

The greatest Crus of White Burgundy have undoubtedly earned their high praise and price tag, though experiencing the fruits of the region doesn’t always mean partaking in just the Grand and 1er Crus. Using the ancestral white grape Aligoté as their medium, the winemakers we’ve chosen for the White Burgundy Discoveries pack present Burgundy through a unique lens. They offer Burgundy lovers the opportunity to savor two of the lesser known though still adored wines from the region.


La Paulée 3 Bottle Pack: Grand Cru Red

La Paulée 3 Bottle Pack: Grand Cru Red

Seated at the pinnacle of the Burgundian classification, the Grand Crus are the crème de le crème of the region. Representing a mere 1% of the region’s total production, the Grand Cru selections we’ve curated in this pack were born of vineyards identified and established over a thousand years ago - still lauded today for their exceptional quality. Treat yourself with an incredible selection of some of Burgundy’s very finest.


La Paulée 3 Bottle Pack: Iconic Villages – Red Burgundy

La Paulée 2 Bottle Pack: Iconic Villages – Red Burgundy

It is always thrilling to experience the difference in style between wines made from neighboring villages. While the soil may seem the same, each commune offers a slightly different expression and personality - a nuanced signature - in the wine they produce. Compare for yourself the enchanting black cherry aromatics of Nuits-Saint-Georges alongside the rich, powerful profile of Gevrey-Chambertin with this delightful duo of iconic villages.


La Paulée 3 Bottle Pack: Iconic Villages – Red Burgundy Part II

Take a journey through the Côte de Nuits with three singular bottles from three of the most respected producers in Burgundy. The personality differences of each wine will shine, amplified thanks to a touch of age on the 2014 Domaine des Lambrays Morey St. Denis, which we excitedly selected for this pack (you’ll thank us). The freshness of the bright, red fruit of Chambolle-Musigny bursts against the richness of robust Morey-Saint-Denis and powerful Gevrey-Chambertin.


La Paulée 2 Bottle Pack: The Hill of Corton

La Paulée 2 Bottle Pack: The Hill of Corton

Dividing the Cote d’Or in two, the striking Hill of Corton is situated at the northern end of the Côte de Beaune –the erosion-formed, thousand foot high home of some of the region’s finest wines. Vines on the hill have been tended by local inhabitants since the time of Emperor Charlemagne, a well-known enthusiast of the wines produced here that still bear his name. This gorgeous, unique, and imposing site predominately covered with Grand Cru vineyards is the source of equally grandiose white and red wines, with Tollot Beaut and Méo-Camuzet producing two of the site’s very best.


- 2020 Domaine Antoine Jobard Pommard 1er Cru Epenots - 2020 Domaine de Montille Pommard "Les Cras" - 2020 Bouchard Père & Fils Volnay 1er Cru Clos de Chênes

La Paulée 3 Bottle Pack: Pommard/Volnay

Neighboring appellations Pommard and Volnay are two of the most loved wines in Burgundy. “The Flower of the Beaune,” Pommard is a mosaic of vineyard parcels that produce seductive, silky, and powerful wines. Described as the more “feminine” of the two when compared to powerful Pommard, Volnay is known for wines of elegance and finesse. See if you can spot the differences (and exceptions) amongst the three selections we’ve chosen for you from acclaimed Domaines Antoine Jobard, de Montille, and Bouchard Père et Fils.


- 2020 Louis Jadot Meursault - 2020 Bouchard Meursault Les Clous D

La Paulée 2 Bottle Pack: Meursault

A charming village of only about 1,500 inhabitants, the name Meursault resonates around the world as synonymous with the most iconic white wines in all of Burgundy. The Chardonnay grown and vinified here expresses a unique richness tempered by minerality, attributed to the prehistoric limestone and clay of Meursault's terroir. Extolled producers Bouchard and Jadot are two textbook standards of Meursault excellence.


La Paulée 2 Bottle Pack: Chassagne/Puligny

Linked by the celebrated Grand Cru of Montrachet, literally the "bald hill" where nothing but vine grows, the two villages of Puligny-Montrachet and Chassagne-Montrachet lend their name to bright, minerally driven, expressive white wines. Comparing them is always an enlightening experience, and this pack offers the chance to taste wines from Jadot and Bouchard, two of Burgundy’s best houses.


La Paulée Pack: Chassagne/Puligny Part II

Like Jadot and Bouchard, the Puligny and Chassagne wines produced by Domaine de Montille and B. Moreau are among the very best in Burgundy. Made only more enjoyable when tasted side-by-side, this Chassagne/Puligny pack features yet another duo that delivers uniquely complex, nuanced, and high-quality Chardonnay for which the region is celebrated.


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